Color Changing Luminous Artwork


Light paintings use variable color LED illumination to explore color-change in visual art.

Thumbnails approximate relative sizes of pieces.

Some light paintings are available for sale. Address inquiries to Daniel: dchromacon<at>yahoodotcom.

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TANG                 December 2014

The Chief           July 2014


Uma                  Jan 2014

Sash                      Dec 2013

 The Sleeping Gypsy (NFS)      Nov 2013

Starry Night Bang Bang                        2013

Nova                                            2013

Drift                             2013


Seeds                2012


Three-Fold               May 2012

Teacher         2011


Aurora                     2012

Nightshade        2010


Transit         2011


Water Planet         2011


Blue-Eyed Dragon         2005

4:23 PM       2005


Archive Images: (Light paintings in this section are not for sale.)



Slope (NFS)      2012

Second Sight (NFS)      2010

Bateau des Reves


Half Cross



Elusive Fortune


Mountain Laurel
























































My light paintings are made with LED lamps, giving them durability that has never before existed for light-art. Most LEDs are rated with a life span of 100,000 hrs. At this rate a light painting operated for 20 hours a week could last 100 years. Because the lights are pulsed for dimming, each LED is on for only a fraction of the time the light painting is on, further extending its life. For the first time in history, art made with artificial light can represent a long-term artistic investment.


Notes from descriptions:

* iColor Cove lights are made by ColorKinetics ( The model I used is no longer sold. Each unit is one foot long with 45 LEDs (15 each of red, green, and blue) and a programmable chip to control its color sequence.

** The Quad-B circuit was designed by Peter Blasser. It is an analog automatic dimming circuit that can be configured to produce a range of fade-on/fade-off patterns. It is modified and built by the artist, providing a flexible range of kinetic color behaviors.

Five year Guarantee: These pieces, despite the incredible durability of LEDs, are subject to technological breakdown. If I am in the locality of a work that has failed, I will make repairs, charging only for damage that is not a result of the original design and materials. If the piece is not local, charges for travel or shipping may be required.