LINK TO VIDEO of Three-Fold


  Date:     2012 May


  Image size:     top 24�, bottom 15"  x height 30�


  Box size:     top 25�, bottom 15.5" x height 33�


  Light source:     LEDs (325)


  Control:     analog "Quad-B" circuitry


  Color-change accelerate buttons on side of the box.


  Artist's comments:  


       The three adjacent shapes in Three-Fold have color gamuts that are

   programmed to emphasize associative combinations. For example, a

   parallelogram leaning one way or the other is revealed when two adjacent

   areas have similar colors.

       The piece has two independent color programs. Approximately every

   thirty minutes the circuitry fades from one color program to the other.

   Each program is built on three slow oscillators. A user can alter the flow

   of color-change by pressing a button on the side of the box (one for each

   color program), momentarily speeding up two of the oscillators.


     Three-Fold is not a show. Like a painting it is designed to be lived with. With its exceedingly slow rate of color-change,

a person can be in the same room and not watch it continually; it can be �visited�, and it is always refreshed.


Typical color-change sequence: