Color light painting by Daniel Conrad, completed September, 2011

                Artist�s comments:

Behind the translucent acrylic screen 149 LEDs are arranged to suffuse light like smears of pigment, with the difference that as LEDs fade on and off, the suffusions of color shift and change.  The dark lines that compose forms on the screen are the tops of shaped dividers extending inward to separate areas of color. Evolving colors are intended to produce a constantly shifting impressions of the fixed linear composition.  Very slow color changes invite the viewer to absorb the contrasts and balances of colors in every stage of image evolution.   

The lines below are inscribed in ink on the back of the artwork.


Stable as a mountain

Dancing among leaves in tree tops.

Blown through by wind

Sitting on water as blue as the sky.

Warm in the cold

Cool in the heat

Never fooled by the changing Moon.


Bursting with joy

Transmuting despair every moment.

Translucent as mist

Wrapped in misery like a borrowed coat.

Casting a deep shadow

Illuminating darkness

In the Night and in the Day.