LINK TO VIDEO of Slope


  Date: 2012 June


   Image size: base width - 21"

                      top width - 13.5"

                      height - 23"

                      depth - 5"


  Light source: LEDs


  Control: analog "Quad-B" circuit.


  Power switch on side of cabinet.

  Color phase acceleration button on side of cabinet.














 Artist's comments:


In Slope, color changes are designed to slowly and constantly redefine the geometrical design of the piece. At one moment the vertical rectangle on the right is emphasized; at another moment the leaning parallelogram is stronger. At times the three trapezoidal color areas appear independent of each other, and at other times they are locked together in an illusion of overlapping transparent shapes.

Color change rates in Slope are near the minimum speed of perceivable change, like the movement of a sun-shadow across a living room floor. This way a color arrangement can be studied and appreciated, but after even a short period of distraction a new composition seems to suddenly appear.

The light painting is illuminated with groups of colored LEDs. LED fade patterns are controlled by an analog circuit that outputs a pulse-width signal to every LED. The control signals originate in slow oscillators that are interrelated through logic components, resulting in color combinations that evolve within constrained limits, but follow ever-changing pathways.



Front view:                                                                      Back view:




'Slope' in four states:




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