LINK TO VIDEO of Seeds


  Date:     2011 November


  Image size:     22.5? x 27.7?


  Box size:     23.5" x 31.2" x 5.2"


  Light source:     LEDs 


  Control:     analog "Quad-B" circuit


  Color-change rate controls on side of the box.


  Artist's comments:

   Seeds is a light painting made with high brightness LEDs in a closed cabinet behind a translucent diffusing screen. An analog electronic circuit comprised of multiple op-amp oscillators causes the LEDs fade on and off.

   Abstract organic shapes in ?Seeds? provide a setting for three color-changing object/surround groups, each with its own gamut of colors determined by the LEDs used. For all three ?seeds? colors change independently, producing virtually infinite color combinations for the overall piece. Nine controls on the side of the cabinet, allow the viewer to set the color change-rate for each ?seed?.










Seeds in various color states: