LINK TO VIDEO of Drift


  Date:     2013 March


  Image size:     29.5" x 47.5"


  Box size:     30.5" x 48.5" x 5.25"


  Light source:     LEDs (576)


  Control:     adapted analog "Quad-B" circuit


  User controls: Top half speed - three-way switch (fast, medium, slow)

                          Bottom half speed - three-way switch (fast, medium, slow)


  Artist's comments below.

















Artist's Comments:

In Drift I wanted to see a "long gradient", a large area of color that gradually fades from one changing color to another. The fringes at the top and the bottom are the same color, a reference color which helps to define that range of the gradient colors. With certain color combinations, the phenomenon of color "pushing" causes the fringes to appear different due to the influence of the different middle colors.

None of the three color zones (top, bottom, and fringe) use a [red / green / blue] gamut. The top and bottom gamuts are [amber / green / blue / cool white], while the fringe gamut is [red / yellow / cyan / blue]. This creates coherence in the central gradient area and contrasts with many colors in the fringe area.

Drift presented a technical problem to make a long gradient of color-changing areas. The solution, in the analog logic circuit used, was to add "percentage logic" to the color-change signal, and then combine the complimentary percentage values to control rows of LEDs to create gradation from one color to the other.